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Aurora is Latin for 

          "The Dawn" or a new day                        

Let us show you how you can create a "new day" for your company 

& employees with new benefit strategies

Now YOU can regain control

Aurora Benefit Strategy options allow you to tailor an employee benefit package to the specific needs of your company and employees.  No more one size fits all plan choices. Building a benefit package you can afford and your employees can afford to use doesn't have to be complicated.  Let us solve the problem with you.

Affordable, predictable solutions

Would you like to see how we've solved the problem of complicated group health plans with simple, affordable alternatives?  With the Aurora Benefit Strategy options your annual costs will remain stable from one year to the next.  You'll never have to fight an annual renewal increase again.  The only time your rates will increase is if we ADD benefits to your plans.



       Cu​stomize your options                    

  • Your employees don't all drive the same cars.             
  • They don't all use the same investment strategies for their retirement plans.                                                                          
  • They don't all dress alike, unless they wear uniforms, and even then, they're all different sizes                                                                            
Why should one or two health plan options be  expected to work for them equally?    
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